Software principles in the Spotter Cluster project

  • The software is relevant to the Sustainable Development Goals 2030

  • Software selection is open source only, including related components required to run them.

  • Open source software does not enforce payment for a license to use the software, nor does it enforce vendor lock-in. Operation of the software is for an unlimited period of time, the software is free of charge.

  • The software fits the concept as offline first for optional use with or without an internet connection.

  • The development conforms to the concept of de-centralization and distributability. It aims at further decoupling from the online services used so far. This makes it less vulnerable when external services are unavailable.

  • The software are multilingual, it can be adapted to local specifics. It is localizable to any language. The local language environment allows for easier implementation in the target country, a faster and more straight learning curve but also a smooth collaboration of multilingual teams on specific team projects.

  • The software captures or processes open data and datasets and geospatial information to comply with open data principles. It offers open data inputs and outputs in open formats without restrictions

  • software target team or community potential with elements of Platform Cooperative.  Of course, it also allows for hierarchical structured collaboration by enabling precise role settings It is designed for use by large teams up to the country level, including different topologies and community approaches by people with different experience.