Who I am?

Stubborn discoverer. Patient collector.

What am I doing?

I bring knowledge and information advantage from abroad to the environment in which I live.
I give them to people who can appreciate this advantage for the benefit of society.

How can I do that?

Making modern ICT available in the areas of relief response and aid development, nature conservation, animal and wildlife protection. Creating communication platform for non-profit organizations.

When will there be any result?

It all depends on a joint effort. Information is on this site.

Where is it available?

To get acquainted with the project, please contact me.

Why do I do what I do?

I do my part to the big challenges that I can’t deal with myself.
I believe that cooperation and common interest will make unsolvable challenges solvable.

Is this a right way?

Civilization, despite growing environmental or community problems, still has enormous potential to create new values, increase resilience and improve efficiency. This is not a new discovery, everyone wants to do the same. But there is a difference when “together we want to be well” and “everyone wants to be well”. Do you feel that the former automatically guarantees the latter, but on the contrary it is not so sure?

The complication is that collective motivation works best at extreme threats. At low risks and low threats, they turn into more personal motivations. Everyone is mainly interested in their own benefit, but the public does not care. A society that does not have too much external threats is ultimately the greatest threat to itself.

The social experience of all of us translates into the skills we pass on from generation to generation.

But when a rapid change in conditions comes, it is difficult for people in society to change their long-learned behavior similarly quickly.

Maybe some people who can adapt quickly can do it. They are oriented, they have no inhibitions. Depending on their personal motivation, they are the greatest benefit to the surrounding society or, on the contrary, the greatest threat.

Let’s look for ways to be beneficial with this project.