Relief response,

or managing crisis events, means a range of structured activities. They are dealt with by each country through professionals in different professions. The scientific workplaces and the specialists also contribute. Furthermore, many executive and organizational units and NGOs, educational institutions, private companies and administration are involved.

These organizations cooperate and communicate in the Czech Republic within the Integrated Rescue System. Together, in many ways. By the direct control of the government, under proper laws, or even independently under coordination, within its area of ​​activity. The existence and active cooperation of all these components define the complexity, nature and level of internal security and resilience of the territory in which they operate.

Spotter Cluster respects IRS activities and does not want complicate them. With its efforts, wants to be a complement to existing activities by own way, purposeful and joint civic activity. It will complement to executive and communication structures with partial contribution, helping to create new, detailed structured information about the relief and crisis situations. It will also help to prepare communities and NGOs for knowledge situations that are difficult to predict but just happen.

Spotter Cluster offers a running environment including operational awareness, logistics, information creation and sharing can provide greater awareness of organization, faster responses in complex situations. Derived by the involvement and activity of users and better resistance to environmental, civilization, sudden, unpredictable but also recurring  events.

Spotter Cluster offers a wide range of non-profit, non-governmental, humanitarian, educational, but also private organizations and individuals to collaborate. The software are based on the experience that has been proven during several decades of humanitarian and natural crises around the world.

Spotter Cluster is an IT support especially for organizations that do not yet have a direct relationship with existing IRS structures. He wants to fill the blanks, which are mainly in information equipment and in the use of advanced organizational and communication processes.

Communication platform is not only an applied IT, but it is also a direct and practical tool for crisis, humanitarian, environmental, social and development assistance. Cluster members can use it to concentrate, process and then use widely collected crisis data and necessary information. Helps users answer questions: Who? When? Where? How? With?

The data obtained can provide Cluster members with better insight into the situation, timely, stronger and well-founded public addressing the crisis situation. It will also facilitate the call for effective assistance from immediate volunteers, other non-profit organizations, both local and foreign. Help that can be fast, effective, and efficient with good data.

Spotter Cluster is a nonprofit project and its users understand the expressed Vision and Mission. They understand the world as is and are responsibly addressing issues that concern us all.

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