Hi, I´m Jiri Podhorecky,
live in beautiful city Český Krumlov, Czech Republic Here is some achievement in my recent years.


Volunteer work

Building community since 2009

On facebook I founded community group of workers  in Media, Broadcast and postproduction in the Czech Republic.  The group has been active for over 12 years and helps 42,500 members from the Czech Republic and Slovakia to find job opportunities and share their skills, knowledge and experiences. Thanks to this working group many people have found paid job in movie production, online media, SFX and TV.


Humanitarian mapping 2016 – 2018

For the Czech branch of the international nonprofit organization Médecins Sans Frontiers, I volunteered for over two years on Missing Maps mapathons. In the role of mapper, validator, member of the organizing team.


That was very nice and deep experience, so I decided to digg more – and make more volunteering in my favorite domain: Free/Libre software.  Here some examples of my work:

Software localization to Czech since 2018

Most of the aid response software used worldwide is not known in the Czech Republic and is not that useful because its interface is not adapted for local use. Part of improving accessibility and usability is translation and adaptation to the local language.

I translated and continually update more than 120 software FOSS project to Czech language, focusing on relief response, e-health and GIS,  as a DHIS2 software incl. Documentation, participatory FOSS Decidim, Epidemic e-health SORMAS, democratizing Citizen OS, microfinancing for poor Mifos X, community software Karrot, …  contribution to iNaturalist, Airesis, humanitarian MapSwipe and many more.

In 2021 received appreciation from United Nation foundation


FOSS contribution code since 2016

For many open-source software I contribute translating, bug fixing code on my  Git

Voluntary OSM mapping since 2018

Contributing to OpenStreetMap in the Czech Republic on many sites, especially South Bohemia, Český Krumlov, Šumava, Prague and surroundings. There is lot of places that can be improved and updated for better use.  Work on OSM data straight impact much more software implementation of maps, that You imagine.

Foundation local eco project in 2019

In my city Český Krumlov found project KrumLogr.  That means collecting coffee grounds from 17 local caffeteria and restaurants to reuse as biowaste fertilizer.  For two and half years in covid time I collect almost 12 m3 of coffee grounds. My goal and vision is found a small community garden.


Foundation demo of participatory platform for the municipality in 2020

Fully translated and ready to use instance of open-source software Decidim. Fill-in participatory proceses to teach and share how to discuss local issues in public interest. More on the site Rozhodování. Also founded eco-related platform named Voda Klima Krajina 


A document Protecting small wild animals living in the city in 2021

For local use. Part of voluntary work for nature where I live.


More about my work? Check my LinkedIn profile