Contact management

  • directory of Organizations, contact details, incl. the organizational structure
  • directory of human resources bound to Organizations
  • project management (Who, What, Where, When, With, How much)
  • Search and filter content and contacts
  • role management in teamwork
  • localization also to the Czech environment (geolocation, Currency, code lists, terminology,…)

Crisis events

  • event alert messages
  • organization in temporary camps and improvised shelters
  • specification of crisis events

Medical monitoring

  • parameters and capacity of medical facilities
  • epidemic monitoring, resource management
  • data on persons in affected areas

Gods, aid and resources logistics

  • management of available means of transport and communication
  • management and monitoring of transport of emergency aid shipments
  • demand, supply and completion of crisis aid shipments
  • collection management (use other existing alternatives for financial collections)
  • storage organization of temporary and long-term warehouses
  • planning scenarios requiring human resources, resources, equipment and sub-tasks to address the situation

Population data

  • Demographic data on affected or affected population
  • Area related risks
  • Area coverage
  • Equipment means

Network cooperation

  • Connectivity through communication gateways, social network
  • Shared database of project documents
  • Visualization of records on the map and in the timeline

Mobile clients

  • access to the server database on mobile devices
  • receive alert notifications from the server

Aggregation and display of crisis information

  • filtering information by date, type, location and source
  • visualization on the map
  • data standard for crisis information

Kanban project management

  • Creating, managing and monitoring projects for small teams
  • formation of bags and sub-bags
  • communication with team members, chat
  • visual planning, timeline
  • graph analysis and reporting
  • data export

Archive for data, photos, video

  • import video from YouTube, Vimeo
  • batch upload video from local storage
  • convert video to multiple resolutions from low-res to Full HD
  • video metadata provision (author, license, description…)
  • possibility of sharing to other archives, embedded code
  • subtitling in multiple languages
  • localization of a specific image on the world map
  • localization of a specific shot in the timeline
  • creating collections from selected shots
  • Search by key parameters and video character
  • labels, metadata
  • fulltext search

Archive of documents pdf, ppt, doc, and others

  • quick document previews
  • user-selectable metadata
  • Search by key parameters and fulltext content
  • search by authors
  • workflow for validation of scientific work

Data warehouse XLS, CSV, JSON, XML and analysis

  • datasets, geodata
  • OpenData compliant
  • analysis, visualization, statistics
  • metadata, tags, keywords
  • fulltext search

Data and communication interface

  • SMS gateway, email gateway, twitter feed, facebook feed, CSV, XLS, PDF, S3XML, KML, EDXL, CAP, PFIF, GIS, XML
  • language support: English, Czech and other languages.

Security of personal data in accordance with GDPR

  • The software is possible use in accordance with your organizational measures.
  • The software uses advanced protection of personal and project data on several levels.
  • access to the software is secured with a password
  • access to the server environment is secured with a password
  • data stored in the database is encrypted
  • individual software allows administrator access control of users under their passwords
  • data communication outside the software is secured and, if necessary, the software can be disconnected from the Internet
  • if you store personal information of individuals and your users, you use it only under your own control.
  • Personal data is not on a foreign server or a foreign cloud.
  • The software is licensed under the GNU / GPL and may not be used for commercial purposes.
  • You have the option to store your own data that you control.

In the case of an autonomous server deployment, mods of properties, or an autonomous solution with independent power supply and the offline running, contact us.