The world we live in is complex and intertwined.

The environment facing a growing number of natural and man-made disasters. Local and global crises are coming, affecting individuals, communities, the local ecosystems and entire continents.

The world that surrounds us is a valuable asset of all, indiscriminately.

In case of indifference and disinterest and repetition of old mistakes in new situations, the frequency of problems further increases. These are not good conditions for life. We have the opportunity and we want to prevent or mitigate the current and future problems. In own interests, and in the interest of an environment without which one cannot live.

The world is full of opportunities, expectations and commitments. For Us.

We are people of different abilities, expertise, opinions and experiences. We also have a lot in common. We want to live a sustainable, meaningful life. We want to live a fulfilled life in a more resilient and self-sufficient society.

To do this, we need to identify our goals, coordinate our capabilities, ideas and resources. Share experience, mutual support and assistance. With a more resilient company, we can respond quickly in our own and common interest. By resisting adversities, we can better help others.

By our existence we influence the world.

We want to share our will with the near and distant world that surrounds us. Being its connected, useful part. We subordinate our efforts to belonging, which we respect not only among our loved ones, but naturally beyond our immediate surroundings. We want to build, resist and protect ourselves and loved ones. Together we want to mitigate growing problems and sudden disasters.

Our time is limited, but the reach of our will and forces are not.

The mission we share expresses the will to live in peace and belonging. The mission cannot be fulfilled if it is in direct contradiction to major societal agreements, if it significantly harms the environment and causes more serious damage than short-term benefits.

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